About JDH

Est. 1995

About JDH Developers

JDH Developers is a commercial real estate company specializing in the hospitality industry. It was founded by the JDH brothers in Atlanta, GA in 1995. Their story goes back to 1991 in London where at an early age they bought, renovated and sold cars. From early on the JDH brothers had an eye for spotting diamonds in the rough and were able to add value to many of the projects they were a part of. This skill set later evolved into the hotel business. They built their first hotel in 2003 in Eatonton GA. Since then, they have built over 60 hotels accounting for 5500 guest rooms. In 2009, their business evolved as they were once again able to spot diamonds in the rough in the hotel industry as they purchased distressed properties. With their management team, they were able to take these properties and in a short time period turn them around and bring them back to life. Today, JDH Developers holds over 20 properties in their portfolio with over 3582 guest rooms across the southeast.