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"In December of 2007 our firm acted as buyer broker in the purchase of the property located in Jonesboro, Ga. from JDH developers. During our due diligence period we interviewed a number of JDH's past clients, local and state licensing official and tenants. We found JDH enjoyed a near universal positive reputation. Local inspectors and licensing official considered JDH a reputable developer that met or exceeded specks and consistently met any benchmarks or directives specified by licensing officials. This was reinforced by our own inspector that monitored the final phases of construction on the subject property. The above paragraph simply describes a reputable developer with an established record of success in the area. To be honest had our inquires indicated otherwise it is unlikely we would have recommended the purchase to our client. What is unusual about JDH is the extraordinary after sale support offered by JDH. Given that my firm as well as my client are located in Boston, this have proved to be invaluable. JDH has offered assistance with subs, local officials, and leasing. I am currently working with another client on a 1031 and have suggested the purchase of another JDH property this spring. I am very comfortable recommending JDH to any commercial investor."
- Peter Termini

"As a first time hotel owner, developing a relationship and doing business with JDH Developers has been the best career move I've made to date. Harry, Dave, John & Sid were very easily accessible at all times and were always willing to share best practices, knowledge & resources they've gained in their years in the business. You can tell they are truly invested in your success. JDH's creativity and vision is extremely inspiring and I look forward to doing business with them again in the near future."
- Vijay Vanmali

"The experience of purchasing a hotel from JDH Developers was excellent. JDH Developers treats you like you are one of their own family member, they have delivered a quality product that was promised and more. I am glad we did this purchase of Best Western in Cartersville, GA. If I have to do business again with JDH without any hesitation I will jump to it. Matter of fact we are working with JDH on another project as we speak."
- Raju and Dharmesh Patel

"JDH builds quality well performing hotels and this development company gives hand on training and support for opening new hotels. Purchasing a property from a developer with a large portfolio of hotels as JDH is one contributing factor why I will continue to purchase from JDH. Experience and knowledge in a profession is also very important in choosing a development company when looking for a hotel."
- Vinesh and Kishore Patel

"Purchasing property from JDH Developers was a unique experience because of the support JDH Developers provided throughout the purchase process. During the sales process JDH Developers kept us informed with all of the current events taking place at the property as well as new ideas for future growth. JDH Developers understands that a sales process is not as simple as a transfer of ownership. Instead they believe that the customer is entailed to an above average standard of professionalism, commitment, and loyalty."
- Ravi & Arwin Vanmali

"JDH Developers Inc has provided us with excellent service and the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. John, Dave, Harry Patel were very attentive to our questions and very knowledgeable in their field. We were able to secure a very good location for development of two hotels at the same time paying below market cost. We Will definitely recommend to others."
- Roshan Patel

"WHAT GREAT SERVICE WE RECEIVED FROM JDH DEVELOPERS” – We purchased Quality Inn & Suites @ Bremen, GA in Sept. 2008 from JDH Developers. It was a re-construction work, work done very well, they know about the product, line and work. Whenever we need help or any problem they are there all the time. Especially Harry and Sid were very helpful and good knowledgeable. I would love to work with them for my future projects and always refer to my friends about their work."
- Chirag Thakkar

"In March of 2008 I purchased the newly renovated Motel 6 in Rome, Ga throughout the purchasing process JDH was extremely helpful in making the transition. Sid in particular dealt a very helpful hand in assuring things went accordingly, the renovation was no small task yet JDH with its knowledge and background in the industry completed the task in a timely manner. If I had to do business with them again in the future I would have no hesitations in doing so."
- Pulin Patel

"I recently purchased a property from JDH Developers. There are three ways to describe the experience of purchasing a property from JDH Developers. 1) They performed high quality work in a timely and professional manner. 2) They were able to fulfill our needs with ease. 3) Their experience made the opening process a walk in the park. JDH Developers are builders that you can trust!!!"
- Ashish Patel

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank JDH Developers for a job well done. We found every one your staff to be friendly, helpful and ready to assist us with any inquiry or concern we may have had as a first time hotel owner. Excellent service, friendly manner and a complete professional approach. I would defiantly purchase another property from them!"
- Rehman (Raja) Razaur

"Purchasing a hotel from JDH Developers has been one of, if not, the best experiences I have personally had, as a commercial investor. Not only do they provide an abundance of support during the entire process, but they even continue to give you support once the sale has been completed, which is more than I can say for any developing company that I have dealt with in the past. Being a commercial investor, it is hard to find a company that you can really count on and trust, and with JDH Developers there were never any problems. They always took care of everything for me from hiring and staying on top of the subcontractors to work on the hotel to dealing with the City and State officials on any questions or concerns they might have had, as well as any additional information they needed. I would love to work with them again in the near future!"
- Ali Sigh

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